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Required Information Before Posting

Posted: Fri Mar 25, 2016 9:31 am
by Ink
If you need help with any hardware, software, BS, or AVA related issues, you've come to the right forum. The following are just guidelines on information you should include in your posts to prevent redundant replies, and speed up the solutions to your issues.

Remember to Include
  • Full list of your hardware components
  • Full list of your current:
    • O/S and version
    • DirectX version
    • .NET version
    • Current GPU driver
    • Specific Anti-Viruses installed
    • ISP and network conditions if a network related issue
  • Have a dxdiag report file ready, and be prepared to conduct diagnostic tests
  • Screenshots of any errors, videos work too
Helpful Software
  • CCleaner
  • MemTest64
  • Various cmd commands like tracert, and netstat
  • Update Windows to the latest version, a lot of software breaks these days without updating
  • Update your GPU drivers

Don't be afraid to post, or ask if you don't know how to provide the above information. We're here to help!