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How to Use Q&A Forum

One sentence questions, generic advice on established topics, and 'what mods'-type of posts.
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How to Use Q&A Forum

Post #1 by Ink » Fri Mar 25, 2016 8:42 am

This forum is for anyone that has a simple question, or needs advice on anything relating to AVA or BS (some exceptions). The forum is sorted by topic creation date, not by last post replies. Additionally, it utilizes a solved topic feature that automatically closes topics once the OP (or moderator) is satisfied the topic is resolved.

Type of Questions & Advice
  • Simple, one-liner questions
  • Questions or advice that have determined and definitive answers
  • Low discussion value; if your question is more for discussion submit it in the general forum
  • Examples:
    • 'What weapon mod should I use for gun X?' The question, "What weapon mods are the best for gun X now that this exists', could be a general forum topic.
    • 'How do I play this game mode, bomb site, or role within this team, map or game?'
    • 'I have X AP/Euros, what should I buy?'

General Question Advice
  • Be specific and clear in what you are inquiring about
  • Provide any background details that are relevant
  • Follow-up questions are welcome, but don't haggle with responses at length

We will update this guideline as more use of the forum shapes how it should function. Don't be afraid to post!


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