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KAVA CCS Season 9

General topics that hold discussion value about AVA or Black Squad.
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KAVA CCS Season 9

Post #1 by Ink » Fri Mar 25, 2016 9:24 am

http://ava.pmang.com/?mKey=5&sKey=1&bse ... o=41870000

Date: March 1st to April 20th

As you can see, anyone gold or higher receives an 'honorary melee weapon' for perm. Individually, 1st-2nd get a ton of prizes, while thereafter they categorized by how many wins achieved. Just 50 wins provides you with Red Tickets, SH14 Armour for 7 Days, Dog Ticket Box, and eventually you will receive Euros and a Free Ticket Gun.

- clanHeaT is currently #1 with a .62% win rate and 18k RP (35+ Members)
- deFam is currently #2 with 15k RP
- Stark is currently #3 with 13k RP

However, individually the 3 of the top 5 players are from Sensation (ranked 39th). clanHeat only has 3 players in the top 10. With their main line up being in the Top 39.

I think this is a good comparison to our seasons, and the teams/players that consistently place well in the CCS. Thoughts?


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