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Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Competitive Gaming Organization. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. General Conduct

    1. Spam

      1. No blatant spam is permitted. For instance posts that contain random characters, repeated images, off-topic related content, and necroing threads is not allowed. Consistent posts with low effort value are also considered as spam.

        Your dank memes are save, as long as they are used in moderation and are related to the main discussion point of a thread. #
    2. Flaming & Violence

      1. You are to remain respectful of any user on the forums through any interaction. Inciting or encouraging others to insult, or provoke users will not be tolerated. Trash talk is permitted if it is within the context of the discussion and does not cross any moral guidelines. Hate speech is a good example of not being permitted.

        Inciting violence, encouraging others to incite violence, or praising violence against anyone will be punished with a permanent ban. #
    3. Posting Style

      1. You must keep your posting styles respectful and absent of any irritating styles (random images, bad formatting, irritating stylized text...etc). #
    4. Witch Hunting & Doxing

      1. Partaking, discussing, or encouraging witch hunting or doxing in any context will result in a permanent ban and account deletion. #
    5. Trolling

      1. Sarcasm is fine and an accepted method of communication throughout the forums. Negative trolling, incites negative reactions in real life or online, is not permitted. #
  2. Unwanted Content

    1. Illegal Content

      1. Any content illegal in both the USA and Canada are not permitted. Discussion of specific illegal content may be permitted. Engagement, encouraging others to engage, violate, or infringe on any illegal or illicit activities is not permitted. #
    2. Sexual Content

      1. Light suggestive sexual content is permitted in moderation. Pornography, sexual acts, imagery and other content with sexual focus is not permitted. There are more suited sites than this for such content. ;) #
  3. Forum Guidelines

    1. Signatures and Avatars

      Dimensions are XbyX for signatures and XbX for avatars. Please do not exceed or try to get around the imposed limitations! #
    2. Display Names

      Keep them mature and appropriate. Display name abuse will result in an immediate 30 day suspension. #
    3. Stay on Topic

      Stay on topic with each thread you participate in. Tangents are fine but the main topic is to be the focus. #
    4. Volunteering Personal Information

      The CGO allows any user to volunteer a limited set of personal information on the forums. You may not share your or any individuals address, postal code, location, place of employment, school, or residence on the public forums. You may volunteer any of your own information via private messages. This policy is strictly enforced by 90 day suspensions. #
    5. Reporting Posts

      You are free to report any post for any of the above rule violations. Please provide context on the situation and the specific rule that is being infringed. #
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