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Welcome to the CGO forums! We're providing this place for discussions regarding any A.V.A content, and CGO related topics. This page is to let you know of the current community team, the specific groups that exist, what they all do, and who they all are!

Enjoy the community!


Ink is the founder and current head of CGO. He takes an active approach to the forums, and loves everything about A.V.A!

Admins are in charge of high level forum moderation, user account permissions, user account features, and more. Although you may contact any admin for any reason, contacting the moderators or other community members may be advised for faster response times.

- There are no current administrators.

Global Moderators
Global mods focus on medium level forum moderation all the way to the grit of individual posts. Contacting a global moderator is encouraged for any reason!

- There are no current administrators.

Forum Moderators
Active participants in a forum may be given the option to sustain the level of discussion they've provided through their dedicated time. Forum mods focus on a few forums to keep their sub-community thriving.

- There are no current forum moderators.

Premium Users
Premium users are anyone who has subscribed to CGO on Twitch.tv, or has made at least a $2 donation to cgomoney@gmail.com in the last 30 days. These users gain a slew of benefits listed below. This is to offer our appreciation for keeping our costs of operating the site just a bit lower!

  • Reduced flood time limit
  • Larger avatar and signature sizes
  • Private forum
  • Increased PM storage and features
  • Ability to delete own posts
  • Special rank icon (displayed on profile and posts)
  • Option to request a unique rank icon of their own choosing
  • Many more and more to come in the future!

Special Groups
We have a great list of special groups that specific users may qualify for. These special groups gain better features across the site to enhance the level of discussion already present. If you think you belong in a special group, contact anyone above!

  • ESL Admin
  • Game Sage
  • Aeria GM
  • Senior Member
  • Pro Player

You can find the list of users in these groups in the members list.
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