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What is a Premium User
Premium users are accounts that have taken an extra step in being loyal supporters. These supporters are rewarded with numerous benefits on Twitch, and on the forums.

Go Premium
You can become a Premium user in two ways.

Your premium status will remain for the duration of your subscription or for 30 days from your last donation. Please message ink@thecgomedia.com to state your Twitch Username and CGO Forum Username for confirmation. You may leave your forum username as a note in the donation!

Premium users directly support the costs of operating the website (hosts costs, bandwidth costs), paying licensing fees (music, software), and ensuring the CGO can keep doing what it does!

Premium Benefits
Premium users are anyone who has subscribed to CGO on Twitch.tv, or has made at least a $2 donation to cgomoney@gmail.com in the last 30 days. These users gain a slew of benefits listed below. This is to offer our appreciation for keeping our costs of operating the site just a bit lower!

  • Reduced flood time limit
  • Larger avatar and signature sizes
  • Private forum
  • Increased PM storage and features
  • Ability to delete own posts
  • Special rank icon (displayed on profile and posts)
  • Option to request a unique rank icon of their own choosing
  • Many more and more to come in the future!

Subscribe or donate now!
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